Finding  Serenity


Finding Serenity



Some things are just not suited to the countryside.   Take Jake Stanton, for example ...

Forced on a holiday for his health, Jake finds himself stuck in the middle of middle England.   Nature is all well and good as long as it's nowhere near him!   And if that's not punishment enough, there's always the seriously tempting and possibly slightly deranged Serenity Ryan.   Why is she camped out in his cottage?   What's with all the pumpkins?   And why does her crazy cat have it in for him?

Swiftly concluding that small town life in a small town burgh is not something for him, citified Jake must fight his growing attraction to that country woman.   It hardly helps that he's killing time by pretending to be Serenity's lover; their mission to fool her scheming relatives and trick the gossiping village grapevine.

Can Jake do all that, squeeze in a few rounds of golf and still manage to find his serenity?



*   A fictional village hidden deep in the heart of the English Cotswolds;  England
*   Contemporary;  modern day

*   Serenity Ryan - our country lass
*   Jake Stanton - our city lad

*   Cover Design - Design for Writers
*   'Little Play House on a Field' photograph - Val Lawless, via Shutterstock

*   A romantic comedy
*   Book 1 of 'The Stantons' series
*   Book 2 - The Last Pages - also available

*   Contains adult / romantic themes and a sex scene
*   Contains British Commonwealth English, spelling and grammar
*   Not affiliated with any cinematic releases

*   Published January 2013
*   New cover October 2013

*   Released to Kindle eBooks; read a free excerpt and sample at any AMAZON store, including:

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~ Book Two ~

  • The Last Pages