Daisy's a born romantic and there's nothing more romantic than a wedding ... well, right up until the champagne toasts and cake cutting anyway.   Now she's seriously debating "death by cake fork" !

Sean's a born mechanic and there's nothing sexier than a classic car ... well, right up until he saw a certain bridesmaid, that was.   Now he's seriously fantasising about what's under her hood!

Crossing paths during the "Wedding Reception from Hell", the only way these city slickers will make it out of the Cotswold countryside and matchmaking misery, is together.   But can this grubby knight in tarnished armour ever convince Daisy to trust her own heart?   Can Sean show her that their own story is a romance worth writing?

If love's last pages always end in happy ever afters, will theirs?

THE LAST PAGES  -  The Stantons:  Book 2
A Romantic Comedy