Joel Kennedy has a few women problems!   His grandmother has been cheated out of her money.   His mother expects him to go get it back.   And now he's just gone and given the female con artist a piece of his mind.   Pity she's a looker, she's just his type.

Meet Miss Bliss.

She's the owner of an Old Montreal New Age business, catering to the unique, the eclectic and the eccentric of this world.   And she's also a woman accused of a crime she didn't commit.   Joel may be handsome but for such a smart guy, he's awfully dense.   Miss Bliss is used to people scoffing at her New Age ideals but this guy takes the gluten-free cake!   Pity then that she desperately needs his grandmother's money.

With so much at stake, can Miss Bliss convince such a sceptical man that there is more to life than money?   After all, there's Feng Shui.   And that's just the start ...

MISS BLISS  -  A Romantic Comedy