The Stantons Collection: This book collects together Book 1 and 2 of The Stantons romantic comedy series.   You can view the book blurbs for each of them on their respective individual book pages, here and here.

Currently, this book is only available at Amazon stores, mainly due to accident rather than design!   I had published the book to Amazon first and then meant to go back and tweak the epub version of the file before uploading to the other vendors.   Unfortunately, my writing / editing / formatting computer bit the Byte and finally, after 13 years of solid, dependable writing service, departed to the Great Big Cloud (ha!) in the Skies!

I'll definitely be publishing this collection to the other vendors; just may take a bit, which bytes!   *insert collective groan*

I'm also reworking the book blurb for this collection, so that is another edit on hold.

Apologies for any inconvenience.



** NEW WEBSITE -- the old 2012 original website was no longer cutting it in the new tech age, so had to strip everything down, rebuilding fresh from the base html and css code up.   The new author website is completely "Responsive" now, meaning it can be viewed on any format / tech, and the screens / content / images will resize and respond appropriately.   Phones, tablets, iPads, e-readers, desktop computers -- all good.

I'd already done a lot of the self-designed graphics (the eighties retro art deco themed, all pinks, greys and whites ... love it!!) before the big computer stuff-up, so had to borrow another computer to finish it all off and upload it.   The site is still a bit of work in progress, fine-tuning some of the graphics, nav menus and a few other bits and bobs, but mostly this is how the finished product will look - same type of layout for books, FAQ, home page as the old site.   Have now simplified each book page, paring that down to the basics.   A new addition is the 'Buy' page, listing all the vendors my books are now available at ... and speaking of that ...

** GONE WILD WIDE -- It was the right time and everything fell into place, so I've now branched out from just publishing to Amazon and am at a whole slew of e-bookstores / e-vendors, including iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and several e-subscription sites.   You can view the whole vendor list on the new and convenient BUY page.

I'm also seriously considering AudioBook options (mainly for the HMDA series, thus far) -- given a suitable narrator.   I'd love Radio Plays too, but that doesn't seem to be common nowadays.

** UNIFORM FORMATTING -- each and every book (except the 'Stantons Collection' as stated above) has been extensively and rigorously reformatted, so each previously published book now solidly meets the mobi and epub standards of "Today".   2012, when I first published, is light-years away from where things stand now, so this was a job that was desperately needed.   Took a while, but now each e-book has a working .ncx table of contents and the time limit left to read, percentages, etc etc should smoothly work as well.   All content, front and back matter, chapters have been formatted to a strict template and will appear similar throughout my e-book catalogue.   But that is second to the fact that the formatting shouldn't interfere with the reading experience, and I believe it passes that test with flying colours!

Also, please be sure to read the updated FAQ-y bit about Amazon Versus Hyphens; click here to go straight to that part.

And finally, but by no means least ... thanks to "Buyer / Reader One", who never fails to buy my newest book!   A return triumphant to the Home Counties now? =)   Call it a hunch!   p.s. my email is on the FAQ page, front and centre, well, actually it's right and sidebar, but hey, if you wanna drop me a line ...   You know you swap the 'at' for @, and the 'dot.com' for .com, right?   Just checking =)   p.p.s. part penname, part real name.

Well, to cap this essay off -- currently, I am computerless and softwareless for writing / editing so until I sort out what I'm going to do in regards to that, things will be in writing mode hiatus.   Back to good ol' pen and paper for a bit, I s'pose!

So I bid adieu 'cause I'm off to watch Le Tour, the last series of 'The Addams Family' ("Tish, that's French") and try to survive familial birthday open season ... ooooo, German Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte ... about the only word I will ever remember from my many years of school Deutsch, apparently.

Tschüß     (umlauts are made with eggs, amirite?)     =P