Welcome to Howling Moon Detective Agency -- where the cases (of beer) are cold, the dames are hot-blooded (important if you're a vampire), the crims are cool-headed ...

Oh, and the co-owner's a Werewolf!

But that's nothing out of the ordinary, and just a regular day at the office, really!

What's not right is that a Scottish castle has a Bogle, a York theatre needs ghost busting, and a grown man can't go five minutes without crying.

It's up to the team at Howling Moon to sort the clues, catch a killer, avenge the dead and scare off the nearly departed still treading the Victorian theatre boards.   Thing is: they've got two weeks to solve the supernatural, otherwise it's ghost lights out for everyone!



*   Scotland, London and York, England
*   Contemporary time;  modern day with fantasy / supernatural elements

*   Jack Wulfe - co-owner of HMDA, wisecracking werewolf who tries one on ... all the time
*   Annie Stark - co-owner of HMDA, possibly the only normal person in the office (bar the B&E) ...
*   Colin Westin - twin 1, likes forensic accounting, hot tea and early morning jogs in the snow
*   Cynthia Westin - twin 2, dislikes sobbing men, nihilistic pub poetry and amateur dramatics

*   Vlado Morbid - adores warm ('varm') blood, replaces w's with v's ... for the look of the thing
*   Vladan Macabre - part-time bat with false fangs, natty dresser, theatre enthusiast

*   Ava - the current leading lady of the stage and our nearly dearly departed
*   Wendell - weeping, wheezing, wailing, whining, whimpering ... well, that covers all the W's
*   A Host Of Theatre Ghosts and Ghouls
*   And a mixed bag to round it out, including a politician, a waitress, orange sellers and royalty!

*   Cover Design - Design for Writers
*   'Snow Queen' photograph - Nejron Photo, via Shutterstock

*   A supernatural crime investigation, paranormal mystery comedy ... with bite!
*   Book 1 of the 'Howling Moon Detective Agency' series
*   Books 2 - 6 scheduled for 2017

*   Contains adult themes, language and humour
*   Contains British Commonwealth English, spelling and grammar

*   NB: Contains NO sex - if you're looking for a 'schmexy' werewolf shifter good time, this ain't it, sorry ... but you could still give it a whirl once around the dance floor, if you like!  =)

*   Published July 2015
*   Released to Kindle eBooks; read a free excerpt and sample at any AMAZON store, including:

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HMDA Series

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