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    Fairy Tales can come true, but if they do ... then it's probably best to run a mile in the opposite direction, actually!

    When Molly was little, all she wanted to be was a princess.   Now that she's grown up and somehow stuck in a Fairy Tale, that wish is not all it's cracked up to be.   But then again, she never expected anything like this!   A trio of devious dwarves, perfectly putrid princes, talking animals, odd fairy godmothers and other wacky story characters running amok, all doing the complete opposite of what they literally should.

    Oh, and did she mention Adam?   Once upon a time, he was her neighbor and the boy she grew up with, and he's back in town--only now he's the hottest Hollywood property and an acting superstar.   And he's stuck in the Book too!

    If they work together to escape the Story, then maybe they can create their own happily ever after ... but first, they'll have to slay a real life dragon.   And this Hollywood princess is playing for keeps!


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