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    All 4 Seasonal Holidays In 1

    What happens when humans and mythological beings collide?

    What trouble is wrought by a jobless Cupid, a bunny-napped Easter Bunny, a ghost town full of ghosts and Santa, who isn't as jolly as the stories make out?

    It's up to April, Ashlynn, Audra and Alex to save Valentine's Love, Easter Eggs, Halloween Scares and Christmas Gifts.

    It's a tall order, but along with some strange, sarcastic and sexy sidekicks, these women will save the day, right the wrongs and return life to normal--or as close to it as possible!

    Don't miss their holiday adventures.


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    Winged Cupid With Bow And Arrow Helping People Find Love, Romance And A Partner For Valentine's Day - Cupid Curse Book Cover       Easter Bunny Hiding Behind A Giant Chocolate Easter Egg In Springtime - Funny Bunny Business Book Cover       Spooky Haunted Halloween House with Ghost, Bats, Full Moon - Ghost Town Book Cover       Santa Claus Giving A Gift, Father Christmas Delivering Presents To Children - Christmas Wishes Book Cover