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Red Nose On A Reindeer

Christmas Fun

Published 17 December 2022 By Lita Locke

It's unfortunately here!   Time to break out those ironic winter sweaters, sing tone-deaf carols, scoff batches of chocolate bark and give gifts that relatives will re-gift you next year!   Don't you just lurrrv Christmas?
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Questions Asked By A Lady Holding A Book

eBooks Aren't Real Books

Published 12 October 2022 By Lita Locke

Old Establishment and Paper in one corner verus New Kid On The Block and Digital in the other!   Which format ultimately wins 'The Battle Of The Books'?
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The Good Tarot Deck - Colette Baron-Reid

Tarot Deck Review 1 - The Good Tarot

Published 04 April 2022 By Lita Locke

Interested in learning Tarot, but don't know where to start?   Looking to add new box sets to your Tarot spreads and routine?   If so, check out this handy series guide, where I review my own Tarot deck collection, in order to help make your buying decisions easier.   First up, 'The Good Tarot' by Colette Baron-Reid...
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Batik Print Love Heart with Flowers

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Him

Published 02 February 2022 Updated 07 November 2022 By Lita Locke

Got a great guy and not sure what to get him for Valentine's Day?   Check out these unique online buys and helpful ideas.   Treat your man to an amazing day...
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Pink and Red Watercolor Love Heart

7 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her

Published 27 January 2022 By Lita Locke

Looking for Valentine's Day gift inspiration?   Got a wonderful woman in your life and want to spoil her on the special Day Of Love?   Here are 7 ideas to inspire you...
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Two Champagne Flute Glasses Raised in Celebration of Happy Event

New Year, New Blog, New Paperback

Published 11 January 2022 By Lita Locke

Welcoming in a New Year and a New Blog.   Join me on my writing adventures as I dive into the world of blogging.   Plus, help celebrate my first paperpack print book, available now...
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