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    Contemporary Romance Series

    Rural England Cotswolds County Fair Scene, With Pumpkin Growing Competition - Finding Serenity Book Cover       Fictional Urban London City Romance Bookshop Where Love And HEA Are Found - Last Pages Book Cover       Romance, Love and Marriage in Small Town Cotswolds and Urban London, Stantons Collection Complete Omnibus - Book Cover


    Holiday Humor Series

    Winged Cupid With Bow And Arrow Helping People Find Love, Romance And A Partner For Valentine's Day - Cupid Curse Book Cover       Easter Bunny Hiding Behind A Giant Chocolate Easter Egg In Springtime - Funny Bunny Business Book Cover       Spooky Haunted Halloween House with Ghost, Bats, Full Moon - Ghost Town Book Cover       Santa Claus Giving A Gift, Father Christmas Delivering Presents To Children - Christmas Wishes Book Cover       Valentine's Day Love, Easter Bunny, Halloween Ghosts, Christmas Santa Holiday Story Collection Complete Omnibus - Book Cover


    Standalone Books

    Interracial Couple Hugging in Loving Intimate Embrace, Blonde Woman and Native American Indian Male - Ante Up Book Cover       Tall Dark Handsome Alpha Hero with Beard Wearing a Trendy Suit in a Sexy Pensive Pose - Hurtz So Good Book Cover       Montreal, Quebec, Canada, City Skyline With New Age Funky Font and Geometric Pattern Shapes - Miss Bliss Book Cover


    Magic ... Love ... And Mayhem

    Woman Wearing Red Lipstick, Glasses, Designer Clothes In A Magical Fairytale Fantasy Forest - Just Plain Ol Molly Book Cover


    Howling Moon Detective Agency

    Spooky Ghost Specter Woman Actor Haunting A Theater Stage Wearing Fantasy Magical Winter Witch Costume - Wraith Book Cover

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