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Tarot Deck Review 1 - The Good Tarot

Published 04 April 2022 By Lita Locke

Various Tarot Cards from the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot Deck
Image Photograph By Author - Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot Deck


What do Tarot decks have to do with writing, I hear you ask.

Well, this falls under "Odd and Weird Author Research".   Gotta get a basic understanding of the subjects we're writing about ... and what better way than to jump feet first into strange and unusual topics?

While writing my first full novel, MISS BLISS, that focuses on the 'New Age', I jumped into the world of Tarot.   Started first by watching a bunch of random YouTube videos of Tarot readers (most of them are retired now or their channels disappeared), before deciding to have a go myself.   Bought one deck, then another, then another ...

And, as you know, a few things become many more things until they eventually turn into a collection!

I collect Tarot decks, mainly based on the artwork that I like or themes that appeal to me.   I also own a few Oracle decks and other Fortune Telling cards as well.   And while I only read spreads for myself, display cards for aesthetics or use them in Theme / Mood Boards for writing inspiration, the journey and the collecting has been fun!

So, I'll be reviewing my personal Tarot Deck collection here ... just in case, you, The Reader, are interested in starting a new hobby or your very own collection too!




Creator / Designer: Colette Baron-Reid

Publisher: Hay House


Box Front Cover Of The Good Tarot By Colette Baron-Reid



  • Designer - Colette Baron-Reid is a well-known name in the 'New Age' field and a dependable creator of amazing and unique Tarot and Oracle cards; sets are always reasonably priced

  • Artwork - gorgeous graphics, interesting digital manipulation, with fantasy imagery that sparks the imagination; soft, soothing, nature-based colorings with splashes of magic and mysticism; a variety of symbols, elements and winged creatures used (see below for card examples)

  • Cardstock - each individual card is quite thick and won't bend, crease or fold easily; the coating isn't too shiny and reflective, so can be used in all types of lighting

  • Card Backs - Out of my whole Tarot collection, this deck actually has the best backing / obverse; almost Celtic-inspired with the motifs and the various shades of green and gold; simple yet elegant

  • Back Of A Tarot Card

  • Packaging - box is sturdy, durable, coated cardboard, heavy-weight and protects the cards well; cards and guide book pretty easy to pop in and out of box; excellent choice of Tarot card for front box cover (The Moon) accompanied by pretty dark pink foil shine used for lettering; an attractive box you'll want to display

  • Guide Book - included, with meanings for each card; rather basic but if you know what you're doing (with Tarot) then you don't need to refer to it; card reversals aren't included in definitions



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  • Cards - the surface gloss / coating feels almost 'sticky' to the touch and makes the cards harder to shuffle smoothly and deal easily

  • Cards - oversized (larger than most Tarot decks) so if you have small hands or problems with hands (arthritis etc), holding the whole deck and shuffling is rather difficult; since the cards are larger, if you want to do a big spread, you also need to have a larger desk / table space for them

  • Fonts / Numbers - the font style chosen and used on each card, while keeping with the ethereal and otherworldly tone of this deck, is not to my taste as I feel it's overly fussy and some words possibly hard to read; the placement of the Major Arcana numbers (0-21) lacks place consistency, which might bother some readers

  • Non-Traditional Rider-Waite Style - this deck switches out and uses alternate cards in place of traditional cards.   The four elements are now used - Water (in place of Cups), Fire (instead of Wands), Earth (replaces Pentacles) and Air (usually Swords).   It uses (female) Messengers in place of (male) Knight Court cards.   It also replaces other Major Arcana Tarot cards with non-traditional ones, for instance Death (card 13) is now 'Transformation', Temperance (14) is 'Patience', The Devil (15) is 'Temptation' and Judgement (20) is now 'Call'.   Obviously these replacements were done to soften the message of this particular Tarot deck and highlight positive affirmations instead of warning about possible negative future events, however traditionalists may not agree with the changes, and it does take quite some getting used to.   Which perhaps makes this deck not the best place for beginners to start learning Tarot!


  • Amazing artwork and digital manipulation create a stunning set of Tarot cards that are a real pleasure to use ... but only if you have some previous knowledge of Tarot already!   Definitely worth adding to your collection for the aesthetics alone!



Tarot Card Example Of Suits - Ace Of Cups, Wands, Pentacles And Swords

The Four Aces Of Each Suit

Major Arcana Tarot Card Examples - Star, Moon, Sun

Major Arcana Trio - The Star (17), The Moon (18), The Sun (19)

Minor Arcana Tarot Card Examples - Six Of Wands And Pentacles

Minor Arcana - 6 Of Fire (Wands) and 6 Of Earth (Pentacles)

Minor Arcana Tarot Card Examples - Ten Of Cups And Knight Of Wands

10 Of Water (Cups) and Messenger Of Fire (Knight Of Wands)

Major Arcana Tarot Card Examples - The Hierophant And The World

Major Arcana Cards - The Hierophant (5) and The World (21)


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The Good Tarot  Deck - Front Cover of Box


* Cards photographed by author from personal collection *




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