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New Year, New Blog, New Paperback

Published 11 January 2022 By Lita Locke

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Happy New Year 2022.   And welcome to my newest venture.

Super excited to bring you a new chapter in my writing life ... a BLOG.

Ready to stretch those writing wings even more and share information about the writing life, oddities that I stumble upon while researching, adventures during my publishing journey, product reviews for things you cannot possibly live without—the list is endless, the sky's the limit!

You won't want to miss out!


First Novel in Paperback ... Finally!

At the end of 2021, I finally took the leap and published my first novel 'Miss Bliss' in paperback / print format.   Took a while, almost ten years since the release of the original eBook, before I decided the time was right.   And the process was quite the learning curve, but as you can see from the photographs below of my author copy, it was well worth the time and effort.

Miss Bliss Paperback, Photographed Front and Back Cover with Chapter One Interior Formatting Example


And then, on a roll, I published another paperback ... which didn't actually make it out in time for Christmas gifting, but hey, there's always another one of those holiday seasons turning up!

Santa Claus Giving A Gift, Father Christmas Delivering Presents To Children - Christmas Wishes Book Cover


Look for the rest of my paperbacks, hitting the shelves in 2022!

And stay tuned for the next episode of this Blog.

It's gonna be a fantastic year!




She's the owner of an Old Montreal New Age business, catering to the unique, the eclectic, the eccentric.   Also, a woman accused of a crime she didn't commit!   That man may be handsome, but he certainly takes the gluten-free cake!   Can Miss Bliss convince him there's more to life than money?   After all, there's Feng Shui.   And that's just the start ...

Miss Bliss Contemporary Romance Digital Download eBook and Print Paperback on a Bookshelf with New Age Crystals and Plant

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