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7 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her

Published 27 January 2022 By Lita Locke

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Looking for gift inspiration for your special lady on that special Day Of Love and don't want the ordinary, the mundane, the awful?

Guys, it's time to think beyond the boring bath bubbles, sickly scented soaps and seriously cringe-worthy "lady" gifts.   Give her something to oooh and ahhh over!   Something to make her shower you with kisses.   Something that'll prove her mom wrong about you!

Here are 7 unique gift ideas for Her this Valentine's Day.



Journalling is still hot right now and there's nothing like an empty lined notebook where she can spill all her secrets.   Or just get her feelings off her chest ... without taking them out on you!

Whether they come embossed with love hearts, have cute fluffy animals roaming the margins or are filled with fantasy creatures like unicorns, journals make the perfect blank slate for all those notes and messages!


Artisan Carved Wood Spiral Bound Notebook with Heart Fretwork

Handmade Wood Carved Journal


Personalized Wall Art

Whether it's the words to your song, your marriage anniversary details or framed photographs of the two of you while on vacation, personalized wall art is ... well, highly personal!


Infinity and Heart Symbol Anniversary Wall Art Gift

Romantic Wall Art



Don't be a mug ... get her a mug!   Whatever hot beverage her heart desires, whether it's hot chocolate or cocoa with a bunch of marshmallows, chai tea latte or super strong coffee to get through the day, make sure she's got a fabulous mug to hand!


His and Hers Printed Coffee Mug Duo with Love Hearts for Valentine's Day

His N Hers Mug Set




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Candles really set the mood.   Whether it's scented ones that smell like roses in the rain or carved candles that are works of art in themselves, there's nothing like candle-lit dinners or atmospheric soaks in the tub.


Set of Two Rose and Strawberry Scented Candles in Jars with Lids and Vintage Labels

Scented Jar Candles



What lady doesn't love a bit of bling?   Personalized name pendants, heart-shaped Hawaiian sea glass, sweetheart necklaces or the engraved names of her fur babies ... step outside the traditional jewelry choices and think one of a kind.

Oh, and be sure not to forget a unique jewelry box to keep all her precious keepsakes in, while you're at it!


Engraved Pet Name and Portrait Pendant in Gold, Silver or Rose Gold

Pet Name Pendants


Her Name

Personalized T-shirts, slippers, clothing, pillows, towels, tote bags, decorations, notebooks, keychains, pens, pencils, cups, glassware, stickers, address labels ... the list is endless.

Most companies and manufacturers are able to customize their own products before shipping them out, so why not have her name or monogram printed on it for that personal touch?


Personalized Tote Bag for Ladies and Women

Tote Bag With Initial


Gift Cards

If you still have zero idea what to get your special lady, try a gift card ... that way she gets to pick what she likes and everyone is happy on the big day!


Amazon Gift Card Example

Gift Card With Valentine Message


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